My name is Kyanne Rose and I’m an aspiring full stack developer.

That wasn’t the path I imagined I be on at 28 years-old. I attended UCLA for physics. I loved it. Well, not the classes. What I loved was working in a lab, running an experiment on triboelectrification & triboluminescence. And I was good at it, but then life got topsy-turvy and I found myself at a crossroads. What was I going to do with my life?

The answer hit me like a speeding train: Programming. Back when MySpace was the hottest social network around, I spent hours toying with the CSS and HTML of my profile page to make it *perfect*. While working on the tribo project, I had written a program in MATLAB for data analysis and that had been one of my favorite tasks by far. My favorite class at UCLA had been an introductory Python course for physicists. I was so enamored with the show Mr. Robot, that after watching the first season I immediately downloaded Tor and looked up what I needed to learn to become a “hacker”. I got so frustrated with the limited control Windows 10 let me have on my own computer that I replaced it with Ubuntu and wrote a few minor Bash scripts within the first day of using it. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t realized it earlier: I loved computers and more specifically, I loved programming computers (and websites) to do just what I wanted.

So I set out to learn how to program. S l o w l y. I didn’t have a goal, something to work towards. I wasn‘t focused and just meandered through different online courses trying to find something interesting. I knew I wanted to be a programmer of sorts, but I had no clue what I wanted to program.

Eventually I decided to make my own website and blog, to have a space where I could publicly share my progress as I learned. I thought it would be a quick project, something I could bang out in a couple days and then I could get back to figuring out what I wanted to code. Turns out, one of the things I want to code are websites. I have had so much fun designing this site that I plan on making my dog his own. I’ve offered to build sites for a couple friends.

I knew that wasn’t all I wanted to do, though. Around the time I discovered freeCodeCamp and saw the certifications they offered, my good friend, a full stack developer, suggested I look into that career. Coming from a physics background learning how things work at the most fundamental level is in my blood, so working with both the front end and back end sounds absolutely perfect for me.

That’s my ultimate goal: become a full stack developer. To accomplish this I plan on completing the challenges available on freeCodeCamp, obtain all their available certifications and therefore receive their Full Stack Certification, participate in the #100DaysOfCode challenge, and blog about my projects. I want this blog to serve as a record of my thought processes as I code and debug, as well as an educational tool. Explaining how to code something will help me fully understand what I’m working on and hopefully can help anyone else on a journey to learn.

So please join me on this journey! Watch me grow, critique my code, or learn something yourself. I’d love to have you along.